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$12 for $25 Worth Of Food & Drinks at The Concord Grill
By Half Off Depot

Save 52% OFF ($25 Value)
Now $12 (Save $13)

The Concord Grill is known as “Home of the BIGGEST & BEST BURGER in St. Louis.” Come and find out why when you grab this gigantic, all beef Half Off Depot deal in both hands and attempt to open your mouth around its outer edges.The Concord features over 40 different half pound hamburgers like The Sizzler, The Slopper, and the Mighty Mozzarella Burger. Don’t force yourself to finish them in one sitting, because The Concord also has Chicken Parm sandwiches, Chili Dogs, Sides, and Sundaes to fit down your food tube.Pick and choose with our $12 for $25 worth of grilled grub at The Concord deal.Sit down and enjoy the 72” Big Screen. Relax. Take it slow. Digestion is a delicate and time consuming process

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