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Physician-Supervised 5-Week Energy & Weight-Loss Program with 10 Free Weight-Loss Injections and Personalized Nutrition Plan
By Half Off Depot

Save 50% OFF ($150 Value)
Now $75 (Save $75)

When the good people at The Lohad Center For Anti-Aging offer up a doubly fantastic deal like this one, we start to wonder about them. Like, maybe they’ve perfected their anti-aging treatments and techniques to such an advanced degree that they no longer feel a need to make money off their services. Like, they know they’re going to live forever anyway, so what does it matter if they turn a profit or not?Because, we’re here to tell you, folks: they’re practically giving away this sweet lil’ weight loss package!Check it out: for just $75, you can purchase a 5-week-long physician supervised weight loss & energy boost program at The Lohad Center For Anti-Aging that includes 10 free weight loss injections and a personalized nutrition plan (a $150 value).This is the perfect Half Off Depot deal for people who are determined to shed those unwanted pounds, but need some extra professional help doing so.This program begins with a one-on-one consultation with one of The Lohad Center’s highly-qualified medical personnel. Together, you’ll determine a fully customized nutrition plan, as well as an ideal workout routine that fits your particular fitness needs. Plus, you’ll also receive 10 shots of an energy-boosting concoction that includes B-12, riboflavin, thiamine, choline and other nutrients and vitamins. This special mix of natural energy enhancers is an organic and healthy way to increase your get-up-and-go, and help you jumpstart your new fitness regime.

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